Ballot 2017

A Future to believe in.

From 21 February 2017 you will be given the opportunity to vote for Heart of London to continue its mandate on your behalf.

To ensure neutrality, the BID ballot is administered by the City of Westminster Returning Officer and their Electoral Services staff. It will be arranged in line with the rules set out in the BID regulations (2004) as approved by Parliament.

The ballot needs to satisfy two tests – a majority in number of those voting and a majority in proportion of Rateable Value of those voting. The BID levy can only come into effect if these two tests are met. The BID levy is then applicable to all eligible businesses.

All eligible businesses will be entitled to one vote per hereditament. Some businesses occupying more than one hereditament within the area will therefore be entitled to more than one vote.

To discuss this in more detail please call 020 7734 4507 to speak to –

Debra Karim, Corporate Executive

Jeremy Brown, Company Management Executive

Ros Morgan, Chief Executive

James Robinson, Head of Place

Emily Ferrary, Head of Destination