T’is the season for the Christmas Lights to light up the West End once again!

The Christmas Lights in Leicester Square were switched-on on Friday 10 November, in time for the opening of the European style Christmas Market. They will be on display until Sunday 7 January 2018.

Installation dates for other areas are as follows:

Piccadilly: Heart of London Business Alliance is bringing Christmas lights to Piccadilly for the first time this year. The lights will be installed over three nights.

Installation details: Overnight on 12, 13 and 14 November

Coventry Street: 2017 is the ninth consecutive year that Heart of London Business Alliance has dressed Coventry Street with festive lights. The lights will be installed over two nights.

Installation details: Overnight on 21 and 22 November

The Crown Estate is also displaying Christmas lights along Regent Street, Regent Street St James’s, Waterloo Place and Jermyn Street. Installation details as follows:

Regent Street (between Oxford Circus and BBC): Finalising Installation: 22 October

Regent Street (between Piccadilly Circus and Oxford Circus): Installation: 23 October – 5 November

Regent Street St James’s: Installation: 6 – 8 November

Waterloo Place: Installation: 13-14 November

Jermyn Street: Installation: 3-8 November (inc contingency)

St James’s Market: Installation: 7 – 9 November (inc contingency)

For any issues, contact install@jamesglancydesign.com. ​