A National March and Rally is being planned by the Palestinian Solidarity Campaign and affiliated organisations which is scheduled to be held on Saturday 4 November 2017.

The march is due to form-up at midday on Saturday in Grosvenor Square W1K 6LF. It is anticipated between ten and twenty thousand people may be in attendance. There will be stewards arranged by the organisers to manage this event.

The march is scheduled to set off at around 1:00pm from Grosvenor Square along the following route:

The march is due to arrive at Parliament Square around 2:00pm – 2:30pm. A rally with speakers will then be held. The event is due to finish at 4:00pm – 4:30pm.

Click here to download the Metropolitan Police’s Official Advice for Businesses document.

Click here to download the Official Notice document.

Click here to download the Official Walking Route Map.

The Metropolitan Police has put an appropriate policing and security plan around the event and their role is to ensure the impact on the local community is kept to a minimum. There are likely to be road closures on Grosvenor Square to facilitate the form-up of the march; closures along the route and also around Parliament Square to allow demonstrators to gather safely at the rally.

Road closures will result in traffic congestion around this localised area. Police are working with Transport for London to keep any delays and disruption to a minimum.

There will be an increased visible police presence during this event. In the meantime if there is anything we at Heart of London can do to assist then please do contact us either by telephone or email: info@heartoflondonbid.co.uk or 020 7734 4507.