This is a planned demonstration taking action against the atrocities taking place in Syria. There is approximately 1000 people expected to attend.

This is a High Impact event.

There are two marches happening on Saturday 17 March, one will follow the other in terms of timings and the route (from Regent Street to Whitehall) and will utilise the same road closures.

The marches will join on Whitehall and ‘Stand Up to Racism’ will have a small stage located on Richmond Terrace. Both marches will have Police supported road closures.

Key locations include:
Paddington Green > Edgeware Road > Regent Street > Haymarket > Cockspur Street > Whitehall.

Key timings include:
12:00pm – Form up
1:00pm – Step off
3:00pm – Arrive in Whitehall.

Click here to view the Route Map.