As part of Ferrari’s 70th anniversary celebrations, the London dealership H.R. Owen Ferrari are arranging a parade.

Up to 70 Ferraris will take part in a static display at Waterloo Place before driving to the second location.

The schedule of the day is as follows:

  • 00.01: Parking bays suspended
  • 09.30: Barriers and signage set up for closure of Waterloo Place South (all other roads to remain open)
  • 07.00: Platform build team arrive – build begins (minimal noise)
  • 10.00: Platform build complete
  • 11.00: WAVE 1 – up to 25 x cars arrive
  • 11:30: WAVE 2 – up to 25 x cars arrive
  • 12:00: WAVE 3 – up to 20 x cars arrive
  • 13.30: Cars depart via west side of Waterloo Place > Lower Regent Street,
  • 15.00: Site cleared, Waterloo Place reopens

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All parking pays suspended on Waterloo Place South

Cars to be parked by dedicated staff (H.R. Owen sales teams)

Cars will only be permitted to park in the approved spaces.

Engines to be switched off when not in use

Cars will be released individually in a controlled manner from the West side of Waterloo Place