From 7 – 9 February 2019, there will be filming taking place for a Chinese feature film, with the working title ‘Vanguard’, directed by Stanley Tong. The production is aiming to capture footage of Chinatown whilst lanterns are in place for Chinese New Year Celebrations.

These are low impact events.

Key locations and timings include:

The filming will take place across three locations including, Wardour Street, Gerrard Street and Wellington Arch.

Wardour Street:

7am-12pm: Partial Road closure of Wardour Street to facilitate filming in safe filming area

Gerrard Street:

12pm-5pm: Secure filming area on Gerrard Street during period of pedestrianisation

Wellington Arch:

6:30am-11am: Camera crane on Wellington Arch

The production is also filming at Trafalgar Square during the Chinese New Year celebrations on Sunday 10th Feb.