UK Premiere of Amazon series ‘Good Omens’, with talent including Neil Gaiman, Miranda Richardson, David Tennent, Michael Sheen, Jon Hamm and Brian Cox.

Guest numbers are expected to be around 800.

This is a low impact event.

Key timings include:

6am – Access into gardens and managed deliveries to East Terrace (vehicle access maintained)
8:30am – CCTV and generators in place in Gardens
10am – Barrier build begins on East terrace
12:30pm – Screen in position
3:30pm – Barrier lockdown
6:15pm – Doors for guests
7pm – Seated by time
7:20pm – Film starts
9:13pm – Film finishes
11:30pm – Derig complete

Further operational information:

Licensing:  Tables and chairs have been suspended for Burger King, Pizza Hut, Chiquito’s, Moon Under the Water, TGIF and Hampshire Hotel. Street artists have been suspended at the entrance to Leicester Street.