Royal European Premiere of the new Lion King film. On the premiere day, the gardens will be used to host crowd, media and photographers. Two bridges will be built to link the gardens to the Odeon and Cineworld cinemas.

The build will start in the south west corner of the gardens on Friday morning for a public activation photo opportunity. This will be available on Friday afternoon and throughout the day on Saturday.
The east and north sections of the gardens will be closed to the public on Saturday to facilitate the build for the premiere.

This is a low impact event.

Key timings include:

Friday 12 July

2pm – 8pm: Public photo opportunity open

Saturday 13 July

10:30am – 8pm: Public photo opportunity open

Sunday 14 July

5:40pm – Gardens lock down
6:15pm – External de-rig starts
6:35pm – Film starts at Odeon
8:40pm – Film ends – audience depart

Monday 15 July

9am: Gardens fully clear

Further operational information:

Gardens use: A sign will be placed on the railing for the gardens to advise of the restricted access from Monday 8 July. Areas will be barriered off when works / delivers are taking place.

Bollards: Security will ensure that the three access points in and out of the Square will be managed using the retractable bollards, ensuring that bollards are in the raised position when there no vehicle movements. Leicester Street bollards will only be used for the one hour period when talent cars need to depart the Square following drop off.