On Sunday 28 April 2019 a new art work called MUNDUS has been installed at St James’s Church Piccadilly, London to mark Earth Day and raise awareness of climate change.

London based artist, Sara Mark has made the work directly on a wall of the church using wood ash and water from the River Thames; it will remain in situ as a reredos in the side-chapel until Thursday 30 May. The work is made from reused/reusable natural materials and depicts an ashen earth weeping or melting.

The altar cloth in front of MUNDUS is also made by Sara Mark having previously been frozen into ice, thawed, torn and then hand-stitched together to create a winding-sheet for Easter 2018.

“The title is Latin for World and I first made a version of MUNDUS in 2006 after attending a Climate Change conference at the RSA (Royal Society of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce). After three days of lectures by eminent scientists and activists I was in deep shock and entered a period of mourning for the Earth. I had heard of global warming of course, but as I looked at graph after graph I wondered how I could continue to work as an artist? MUNDUS and associated works were outpourings of grief.”

St James’s Church is one of only four churches nationally to have been awarded a gold Eco Church Award.