Introducing Ristorante Granaio to Piccadilly Circus. The grand opening of Ristorante Granaio UK will be on Friday 20 July.

Grandmothers, The Main Keepers of Tradition

Creating traditional and regional Italian cuisine is an essential core value of Ristorante Granaio Caffe e Cucina. To accomplish this, the team sought advice from the most globally valued cooking expert…grandmothers!

When it comes to food and choices at the dinner table, we all appreciate the classic recipes of tradition steeped in history and taste: Grandmother’s cooking.

What is the perfect menu?
Without doubt, it includes classic Italian favourites: lasagna, risotto, Parmigianino and meat dishes. All adapted within different regions, these dishes replicate the passion put into home cooking and Grandmother’s kitchen. The mission of Granaio is to make you feel right at home and to help you recollect treasured memories and flavours from your childhood.

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True Values
From the pastries to the dishes on the menu, everything is prepared respecting tradition and craftsmanship, using natural ingredients, sourced and selected carefully to ensure the highest quality is served to you.

Together, they represent our brand values and what we do. Our values are also reflected within the interior style of our restaurants, from the elements of the table to furniture, all of which are natural and elegant, rustic and stylish. This carefully conveys the sense of a lived past, in a chic and elegant setting.

Enjoy a taste of home cooking with Ristorante Granaio every time! Visit the website today.

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