To promote the new 4DX screen and refurbishment of the Cineworld cinema at the Empire, an interactive activation will be positioned on the North Terrace of Leicester Square (in the dip), opposite the venue.

This is a Low Impact event.

There will be a stage and members of the public will be encouraged to sit in a moving chair (operated by a rodeo bull mechanism). The individuals will hold a giant tub of popcorn and be exposed to the 4DX elements – water, mist, wind and movement for one minute.

The person keeping hold of the popcorn for the longest time will win a prize.

Key timings include:
6:00am – Crew onsite
7:00am – Production vehicles drop off equipment
9:00am – Screen delivery
2:00pm – Event live
6:00pm – Event end
10:00pm – De-rig complete.

Further details:
The stage will be sited on the North Terrace but this will be supported by two truss supports located on the North quadrant of the gardens. These will be fenced.

Click here to view the operational set-up plan.