This is a one off event to launch the new Arsenal kit from Puma. The event will take place on the North Terrace of Leicester Square.

This is a Low Impact event.

Click here for a map of the set-up.

The event involves 2 adapted shipping containers; one contains a photobooth and one contains a shop selling the new kit. There is a stage on top of the container with DJ, 2 “legend” players doing interviews, and a beatboxer throughout the day.

Queues will be managed as part of the footprint and the layout arranged so as to allow access across the North Terrace as normal.

There will be a BMXer performance with no infrastructure performing 4 times throughout the day, lasting 8 minutes, in the entrance to the Gardens. This will be managed by stewards.

Key timings include:

Wednesday 6 June:
6:00am – 10:00am – Load in
10:00am – 9:00pm – Event set up within containers/compound

Wednesday 7 June:
6:00am -10:00am – Set up within site compound
10:00am – 7:00pm – Event live
7:00pm – 11:00pm – Derig

Further operational details:

  • Organiser has been informed of the importance of careful vehicle management, as Leicester Square gets very busy with its morning deliveries.
  • Innovision will be given a key to leave the square after derig on 07/06/2018. Vehicles for build and derig will access via Cranbourn street.
  • Sound from PA will be monitored by the organiser and by WCC Events team. Organiser has been briefed that it should be of volume sufficient for the crowd in front of the stage and not disturb the local businesses (i.e. not audible within a cinema).
  • An 8 minute BMX performance will take place on the North East pathway of the Gardens, 4 times per day.
  • This is very low impact and has been positioned so as not to cause over-crowding along the North terrace.
  • This activity requires no infrastructure and will be stewarded to inform the public that the gate is temporarily closed during the short performance.