This is the European Premiere of the new animation feature film of Peter Rabbit. Due to this being a Sunday lunchtime premiere, limited crowd and media is expected. Advertisements will be run in the Metro and Evening Standard on the Friday prior to the event.

This is a Low Impact event.

Talent James Corden, Daisy Ridley, Elizabeth Debicki, Domnhall Gleeson, and director Will Gluck in attendance.

Talent will arrive via Leicester Place and will drop off on the carpet, car departing via the East Terrace and Irving Street.

Bag searches will take place and there will be dog security on the carpet.

Key Timings include: 
5:30am – Barrier lines start to be laid (quiet working)
7:30am – Carpet laid
10:30am – Press pens open
11:00am – Crowd warm up begins
11:30am – Talent arrives and doors open
12:15pm – Seated by time
12:50pm – Film starts and cast departs
3:30pm – De-rig complete and Square clear.

Please click here to view the Barrier Plan.

Parking has been suspended in Oxendon Street, Suffolk Place and Haymarket.

Generator and associated infrastructure to be parked on the North Terrace of Leicester Square.