The next Film Premiere taking place in Leicester Square will be for the upcoming release of The Intent 2 – The Come Up.

This is a Low Impact event.

View the barrier plan here.

There is a standard Empire/Cineworld carpet plan, with infrastructure including red carpet, media/photographers, public pens and music but no stage or screen. No tables or chairs suspensions are required.

Key timings include:
6:00am – Barrier delivery
1:30pm – Barrier set up, lighting, sound and power delivery
3:00pm – Carpet delivery and installation
3:30pm – Area lockdown, final delivery
4:30pm – Sound check
6:00pm – Talent arrivals and doors
7:00pm – Film starts, de-rig begins
8:30pm – De-rig complete, site clear
8:45pm – Film over, guests depart

Talent arrivals will include 6 cars via Swiss Court and exiting through Leicester Street, onto Wardour Street. Talent departures via Leicester Street. 727 guests invited.

Another red carpet ‘premiere’ of the charity film ‘Gloves Off’ will be taking place at the Prince Charles Theatre in Leicester Place. Small barrier plan with carpet and step and repeat board for photographers. No vehicle drop offs and one van delivering infrastructure in the afternoon (1:00pm).

Find out more about the film here.