The European Premiere of Tomb Raider is taking place on Tuesday 6 March at Vue Cinema, Leicester Square.

This is a Low Impact event.

Click here to view the Barrier Plan.

Talent including Alicia Vikander, Dominic West, Nick Frost, Kristin Scott Thomas, Jamie Winstone may be in attendance. Talent drop off will take place at the south end of Leicester Place; vehicles will access via Leicester Place and depart via the East Terrace

There will be a screen located on Cranbourn Street and there will also be a generator (a light infrastructure) within Leicester Square Gardens.

Key timing include:
8:30am – Generator being delivered
9:00am – Barriers start to be laid out (stage compound)
12:00pm – Barrier build continues (main walkway)
4:30pm – Carpet installation complete and barrier lockdown
6:00pm – Talent arrives
6:15pm – Guest doors open
7:00pm – Seated by time
7:05pm – Film starts
9:00pm – Film ends.

Table and Chair suspensions have been issued for:

  • Angus Steakhouse – 100% suspension
  • Maison du Mezze – 100% suspension
  • Club 14 – ropes and posts
  • Easy Coffee
  • Bella Italia – Cranbourn Street
  • Starbucks (Vue)
  • Burger King
  • Pizza Hut
  • Espresso Bar.