This is the International Society for Krishna Consciousness Annual event consisting of a parade with three large wooden chariots from Hyde Park Corner to Trafalgar Square and a cultural and religious festival on Trafalgar Square.

This is a Medium Impact event.

Approximately 800 people will assemble at Hyde Park and up to 3000 people will join the procession before it reaches the Square. The procession is very slow moving. The three chariots will go directly onto the North Terrace and pedestrian participants will enter via the south west corner of Trafalgar Square.

There is limited and low impact infrastructure on the Square, 3mx3m gazebo’s for info tents and stalls and a small low level platform stage).

Free vegetarian food and juice/water will be available on the south west area of the Square. There will be no stall or activities on the North Terrace – just the three parked chariots.

Key timings include:
12:00pm2:00pm – Parade duration
7:00am – Set up on TSQ begins
12:00pm – Arrival of food
1:00pm – Stage presentation starts
5:00pm – Deities depart in cars
5:30pm – Food distribution ceases and stage ends
9:00pm – Site clear

Key locations include:
Event: Trafalgar Square
Hyde Park > Hyde Park Corner > Piccadilly > Piccadilly Circus > Haymarket > Pall Mall East > Trafalgar Square

Further operational details:

  • Road Closures will be implanted from approx. 11:30am and will be re-opened, as soon as tail of parade has passed and is safe to do so
  • At 5:00pm three cars will be brought on the North Terrace to take away the deities that have been on the chariots. Food distribution will also cease
  • The stage presentation will cease at 5:30pm and de-rig of the event will start at 6:00pm including the removal of the chariots via trucks
  • A full stewarding and traffic management plan are in place, as in previous years, to facilitate the event and the viewing public.