Please see this message from the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) for the latest update on the FA Cup Semi Final Football matches taking place across London as a large amount of people will be travelling to and from the matches each day.

Saturday 21 April 2018: FA Cup Semi Final – Tottenham v Manchester United. Kick Off at 5:15pm.

This is a sell out with just of 85,000 people travelling to Wembley. Both teams have been allocated 33,000 tickets and have sold them all. There is no specific information to suggest that there will be any issues at this game, especially between opposing risk groups but it can be expected that there will be a large number of fans who will drink to excess. The weather this weekend is expected to be good so some supporters will drink heavily throughout the day which may lead to some anti-social behaviour issues.

Manchester United will travel into Euston and Kings Cross so will be drinking in the area of the Euston Road. Tottenham supporters are also likely to travel into these two stations so there will be a crossover of fans both pre and post-match. As Tottenham have been playing their home games at Wembley this season they will already have their usual pubs that they will go to. Manchester United do not normally favour Baker Street but that does not mean that you will not see any at all. Officers from Manchester will be travelling to London to assist our policing operation so will be able to identify any trouble some fans if required.

Sunday 22 April 2018: FA Cup Semi Final – Chelsea v Southampton. Kick Off at 3:00pm.

Chelsea have sold their allocation of 34,000 but Southampton have only managed to sell 27,500. Again, there is no specific information to suggest that there will be any issues at this fixture but alcohol related ASB will always be a problem at these sorts of games. Southampton will travel in large numbers into Waterloo. They will drink around that area and may move into central London, Covent Garden before making their way to Wembley. We do not expect large numbers to drink in Covent Garden but premises should be aware of this fixture being played. Chelsea like Baker Street, especially when the weather is good. Please expect to see Chelsea supporters carrying and throwing plenty of celery (this relates to a song that they sing). This may sound a bit odd to highlight this, but the quantity they bring is substantial and can cause a nuisance to other customers not familiar with the song.

Both teams played last week at Southampton with no major issues but please be aware that, due to the large numbers travelling to the game, emotions can run high and any small argument between opposing fans can, at times get out of control. Officers from Southampton will be assisting us on this operation to identify any risk groups.

Please note that Arsenal play West Ham on Sunday at 1:30pm so the Kings Cross area is likely to be very busy. The London Marathon is also on so extra pressure will be placed on the transport system and surrounding areas around main line stations.


It should be noted that fans form both clubs will be leaving the stadium at the same time as there will be no cup presentation for both matches. You can therefore expect a mixed group of supporters to filter back into central London a short time after the final whistle.

Clearly, one group is going to be very happy as they have won and the other not so happy. This may well lead to confrontation between opposing supporters should one set start goading the other. This must be taken into consideration if you intend to open after the game.