On Sunday 27 January, there will be a march hosted by London Kurdistan Solidarity, Kurdistan Students Union and Kurdistan Solidarity Campaign. This is to show solidarity with the revolution in Northeast Syria and defending the revolution declared in Rojava.

Demonstation and March:

This group will form up in Portland Place at 1pm with step off at 2:30pm and march to Trafalgar Square for 3:30pm. The event is due to end at 4pm.

There is expected to be no more than 1,000 attendees. There will be police supported closures and holds on southbound carriage ways only.

Key timings include:

1pm: Form up
2:30pm: Step off
3:30pm: Arrive at Trafalgar Square North Terrace
4pm: Disperse

Key locations:

Regent Street > Piccadilly Circus > Coventry Street > Haymarket > Cockspur Street > Pall Mall East > Trafalgar Square North Terrace