We know that our transport network means a lot to your business. Transport for London (TfL) is consulting on its future and we want your views.

To make your voice heard, attend our workshop:

Date: Tuesday 21 August
Time: 9:00am – 10:30am
Location: Heart of London Business Alliance, 40 Piccadilly, Sackville House, W1J 0DR

In line with the key questions the London Assembly is asking as part of this consultation, we will be discussing the business impact of future TfL cost savings, fare structures and commercial revenue.

Use the ‘Register’ button on this page to confirm your attendance and make your voice heard as part of our TfL consultation response.

Key Questions

Fares Revenue

  • What happens if fares revenue continues to fall?
  • What is the long-term vision for fares revenue?
  • What impact will the continued trend towards cycling and walking have on fares revenue?
  • Could the Mayor afford to freeze fares in a second term?
  • How reliant is TfL on the Elizabeth line?
  • How should London’s roads be funded?
  • Can bus revenue increase without improving congestion?
  • Will new forms of transport like ‘on-demand buses’ hit TfL bus revenues?

Commercial revenue

  • How far can commercial revenue on the Tube go?
  • Is TfL pushing hard enough on commercial income?

Cost savings

  • What will happen to London’s roads in the next five years as TfL stops proactive road maintenance?
  • Is TfL on track to deliver its planned savings?
  • How will the passenger experience change over the next few years of belt-tightening?

The investigation

The London Assembly Budget & Performance Committee is investigating:

  • TfL’s financial position and performance.
  • TfL’s plans to increase revenue to address its deficit.
  • Plans to cut costs to address the deficit, and the consequences of cuts.
  • How the TfL of the future might be financed.

For more information ahead of the workshop, click here.