The European Premiere of Toy Story 4 will be held at Odeon Leicester Square! 

The gardens will remain open and accessible and guest numbers are anticipated to be around 800. Security dogs will be present and the crowd will be subject to bag searches.

This is a low impact event.

Key timings include:

10am: Barrier and podium stage build on East Terrace
12pm: Barrier lockdown
4:55pm: Film finishes
7pm: De-rig complete


Tables and chairs have been suspended for Burger King, Pizza Hut, Chiquito’s, Moon Under the Water, TGI and Hampshire Hotel.
All venues have been visited.
A suspension of Portrait Artists on the Leicester Street entrance has been requested.

Further operational detail:

Garden use – Saturday

Build on the East quadrant of the gardens will take place from 8am on Saturday morning.
The area will be fenced to ensure a safe working zone.
The build is expected to take until 7pm.

Garden use – Sunday

The North East pathway will have pedestrian access alongside the production vehicles as per the normal plan.
The remaining three quadrants of the gardens and the centre circle seating will remain open to the public.
All de-rig will be complete by 7pm on Sunday both inside and outside of the gardens and the gardens will remain open to the public until the normal closure time of 9pm.