Heart of London members are invited to the official launch of Heart of London’s Clean Air Initiatives – the new Deliveries and Wastes consolidation scheme.

This new scheme addresses the unacceptably high levels of air pollution in The West End by taking action to tackle the problem. By consolidating waste and recycling, office suppliers and personal deliveries to the workplace the project will reduce vehicle use, congestion and the impact it has on air pollution.

This topic may be of interest to your Facilities Management and Operations Management teams, so please forward this invitation to your colleagues who may be able to see an immediate benefit to your business.

This launch event will give further information on how you can get involved and the benefits to you for signing up to the scheme such as:

Improved Air Quality Heart of London is working on a preferred supplier list that is committed to helping improve London’s air quality

Reduced costs By recycling more, sharing suppliers, finding efficiencies and reducing waste altogether, Heart of London can help you to review current operations to find these savings

Improved Sustainability Credentials Become more attractive to customers by showing an increased commitment for sustainable business practices