In February 2017, we will look to renew our mandate in the Leicester Square & Piccadilly Circus and Piccadilly & St James’s occupier Business Improvement Districts by returning to ballot.

Westminster City Council, as the formal ballot holder, requires formal confirmation that the information we have provided to them regarding those entitled to vote in the ballot is correct.

Over the next few days, voters will receive a form/forms asking to confirm that they are the person eligible to vote in the ballot. Voters will receive a form for each eligible hereditament. Each form will allow the named voter to nominate a change in voter details, or appoint a proxy.

All forms must be completed and returned to Electoral Reform Services (not Westminster City Council nor Heart of London) no later than 5pm on 23rd January 2017.

This validation process will ensure that all ballot papers reach the voters in February.

If you have any questions or would like further information, please contact us on 020 7734 4507 or email