Pedal rickshaws, or ‘pedicabs’ as they are commonly known, are currently not regulated within London.

As a result, there is no requirement for insurance, fares are neither fixed nor consistent, and vehicle condition and driver quality are not assessed. The behaviour of pedicab operators causes problems for businesses by blocking highways, harassing customers and causing serious risk to residents, visitors and workers. 

By creating a level playing field with other private hire vehicles, this ensures the highest standards across the board for transport in London, and the unregulated status of pedicabs has been a major issue for some of our members.

Our members want to see Westminster City Council or Transport for London being awarded powers to regulate pedicabs effectively, and we will hold the government to its 2017 commitment to bring forward regulation.


Following the hard work of Nickie Aiken MP, the regulation of London pedicab operators will be included in the next Transport Bill. We have been working with Nickie Aiken on this issue for some time and are hugely grateful for her efforts. 

At this stage of the post-pandemic recovery, it is essential that we encourage tourists to visit London, which includes ensuring that they have a safe and enjoyable experience in our capital. Sadly, unregulated pedicabs have not always helped with this, creating nuisance for residents, congestion on our streets, and road safety risks. They have regrettably been linked to unscrupulous behaviour, aggressive touting and excessive fares. Regulation can help solve these problems and we welcome the recent developments to help achieve this.

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