Radio Link

Keep your area safe and be informed with our Radio Link scheme, designed to help facilitate shared intelligence.

Radio Link is a collaboration between Heart of London Business Alliance, Safer WestEnd and Safer Neighbourhood Police Teams. With a dedicated channel, you directly link to other member users and our local Safer Neighbourhood Police team for real time information.

Linked together via microwave technology, it is the largest private network of its kind in the UK.

Benefits of using Radio Link

  • As a business member, you would receive a complimentary radio handset and training from our West End Ambassadors
  • Helps members to contribute to the prevention of crime and anti-social behaviour
  • Monitored by local Safer Neighbourhood Teams
  • Direct communication with West End Ambassadors 08:00-21:00, seven days a week
  • Direct communication to neighbouring businesses
  • Contingency communication and real time updates from partners during demonstrations, marches and other events
  • Fully secure, encrypted communications
  • Real time updates from partners during demonstrations, protests or major incidents
  • Currently has over 200 users ranging from offices, retailers, licensed premises, theatres, hotels and restaurants

To sign up or for more information, please email Rico Pieri, Business Resilience & Night Time Management, on, contact the office on 020 7734 4507 or speak with a West End Ambassador on 07730 760 100 or