Cycling to the West End

As the West End begins to reopen again, cycling can be a great transport choice for those returning to the workplace or rediscovering the West End. We want to make it as easy as possible for people to choose cycling, to gain confidence, plan routes, find secure bike parking and receive bicycle maintenance support.

New E-Bike Fleets

Metropolitan Police
As part of the West End Security Group (WESG), we are pleased to announce the purchase of four e-bikes to bolster the Metropolitan Police’s new 2022 fleet. The bikes will be used throughout the West End to lead dynamic policing teams, and to provide officers with a swift and efficient means of response. The Metropolitan Police initiated training ahead of the holiday period and delivered a quick turnaround, with the fleet has on patrol since the New Year.

Street Cleaning Teams
We’re proud to introduce our new electric street-cleaning bikes in partnership with our street cleaning team, Veolia. You will see our new EAV, zero-emission electric bike all across the West End helping to clean up our area as we work to tackle air pollution and deliver cleaner air in the heart of London.

Route Planning and Cycle Parking

Plan your route with the new TfL “GO” app.

Simply download the app and let the GPS find your current location, tap in your end destination, and the app will show you every possible route you can take – including cycling!

To get started, download the app on your iOS device now. Android download is coming soon.

Alternatively, you can use other cycle route apps, such as CycleMapsCityCylist or Strava.

We have been working with Westminster City Council and other key partners to install additional cycle parking infrastructure around the area. This includes our own bike parking bays, as well as locations for Santander docking stations and secure parking facilities such as SpokeSafe (operating out of Q Park carparks) and Bike Drop (launched by The Crown Estate).

Cycle Skills and Confidence Training

Cycle skills and confidence training is available FREE for local employees through Westminster City Council and Cycle Confident.

For more details or to book a session, visit the Cycle Confident website here. Transport for London also offer FREE online cycle skills training. Once you’ve completed the four short modules, you will be rewarded with a 24- hour access code for Santander Cycles, with all 30-minute journeys included. Visit the TfL Cycle Hub to find out more

Cycle to Work Scheme

Cycle to Work schemes are a great way to encourage employees to opt for the cycle commute. Government guidance is available for employers on how to go about implementing this in the workplace.

Bike Buddy Scheme

Those less confident with cycling but keen to be able to cycle to work may find it useful to use British Cycling’s Bike Buddy finder. Linking with one of the thousands of volunteers near to where you live or work can help you to plan the best route and have someone to cycle into work with.

Protecting Your Bicycle From Theft

Whilst nothing can offer 100% protection, double locking your bike with secure locks when using cycle parking stands is an essential deterrent against theft.

Charity Cycling UK advises: “Look for “Sold Secure” locks, ideally with the highest rating – “gold”. If a bike thief scans the stands and sees that it will take more than a minute to breach your locks, they will be deterred and look for an easier target.”

Discover more useful guidance from The London Cycling Campaign (LCC) on how and where to lock your bike here.

Bicycle Parking

Working with Westminster City Council, we have installed hundreds of outdoor cycle racks to allow for bicycles to park throughout the Heart of London area. The map below indicates outdoor cycle parking stands available in the West End.

In addition to these toaster racks, our area has numerous Santander docking stations as well as secure parking facilities such as SpokeSafe (operating out of Q Park carparks) and Bike Drop (launched by The Crown Estate).

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