FAQ’s: Donations [archive]

What happens when someone donates? The user taps the contactless donation point with their contactless card. The progress of the transaction of the set donation amount of £3 should take just seconds. When it’s complete, a ‘thank you’ message remains on the screen for several seconds. The devices accept Visa, Mastercard, Apple Pay and Android Pay. We are in the process of confirming whether American Express will be accepted.

Who gets the money? All donations go to a coalition of rough sleeping charities to fund their services in London. These range from larger charities such as Crisis and St Mungo’s, to smaller ones such as the Albert Kennedy Trust and DePaul. This coalition is called the London Homeless Charities Group, currently made up of 18 charities, which could change slightly before the campaign starts. Every penny will go on direct services to rough sleepers, or people at risk of rough sleeping, in London.

Does some of the donation go to the companies running the donation technology? No. All charges for the use of the contactless giving technology are borne by the funders, so every penny donated through the units will go direct to the charities for services to help rough sleepers.

What if donors want a refund? If donors accidentally donate and want a refund, they can contact TAP who will get the money back to them within 48 hours, when provided with the relevant transaction details. We believe that having a set donation amount will limit people accidentally donating more than they want to.

How are payments and data protected? Please contact info@taplondon.org who will provide detail on the stringent data security standards.