FAQ’s: The Units [archive]

What maintenance do units need? The countertop and window units require no maintenance from you, as the TAP team can check that the units are online and functioning remotely.

What if the unit breaks? This is very unlikely to happen. But if it does, TAP will receive a remote message, letting them know that the unit is offline. The issue can usually be fixed remotely within 12 hours. Should the unit not remotely report itself as being back online, the TAP team will be in touch with via email/phone, to try and fix the unit remotely with support from the the host. Failing this, an engineer will visit the site within three working days. The engineer will either fix the unit on-site, or replace it with a new one.

What if the unit gets stolen? Your organisation will bear no any responsibility for the units. You will have no liability for the device, and TAP will public liability insurance of a minimum of £5 million. Should it be stolen or faulty, TAP will look to repair or replace it with a new one as quickly as stock and insurance permits.