Click here to find out how to prepare your business – Reducing the disruption caused to your business in the event of an emergency is a key consideration for us. Whether your organisation is a brand-new startup or a major international company, there are some simple steps that your organisation can take to:

  • help minimise the impact of any emergencies on your business
  • assist emergency responders
  • help communities get back to usual as soon as possible

Cyber Security advice –

Awareness Counters Terrorism:

ACT Awareness is the new counter terrorism training initiative for businesses, produced by the National Counter Terrorism Security Office (NaCTSO). ACT covers a range of topics such as:

  • Spotting suspicious behaviour
  • How to report suspicious behaviour anonymously
  • How to deal with suspected mail threats
  • The current threat level to the UK

Hostile Reconnaissance advice: Eyes Wide Open

Click here to view a film for anyone who has a security role within the UK national infrastructure or responsibility for security in crowded places. Through interviews, advice and re-enactments the film seeks to help the viewer recognise suspicious behaviour more readily, clarify the context of such behaviour through questioning and have the confidence to report suspicious incidents.

Coronavirus: COVID-19

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