Volunteering opportunities

Attend a training session or request one for your business

  • We offer training sessions for businesses on how to respond to rough sleeping and homelessness. Request a session today

Volunteer at Connection at St Martin’s

  • There are regular volunteering opportunities for groups or individuals at The Connections at St Martin’s. Check out the opportunities here.
  • Apply to join our team of volunteers here. You can participate in a count of the street population from 2 – 4pm every 3 months. We do this to monitor the impact of our work to tackle hot spots for rough sleeping.

Volunteer for a street count

The street count is essential for gaining a snapshot of the levels of rough sleeping across the city. Everyone participating in the count will be accompanied by an outreach worker across their patch.

If you would like to volunteer for the street count, or know a colleague who would, please fill in the application form here and return it to gbossman@westminster.gov.uk. If you have any questions, please contact info@heartoflondonbid.co.uk


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The Connection at St-Martin-in-the-fields

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Refer a rough sleeper

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