Women’s Night Safety Charter


Heart of London believes every woman has the right to feel safe when travelling, working or going out at night. That’s why we’ve signed up to the seven pledges in the Mayor of London’s Women’s Night Safety Charter. 

Alongside our seven-days-a-week private security team, we are encouraging everyone to report incidents, whether it happens to them or to someone else. Together, there are things we can do to help make London safer for women at night.

The Charter

  • Nominate a champion in your organisation who actively promotes women’s night safety
  • Demonstrate to staff and customers that your organisation takes women’s safety at night seriously, for example through a communications campaign
  • Remind customers and staff that London is safe, but tell them what to do if they experience harassment when working, going out or travelling
  • Encourage reporting by victims and bystanders as part of your communications campaign
  • Train staff to ensure that all women who report are believed
  • Train staff to ensure that all reports are recorded and responded to
  • Design your public spaces and work places to make them safer for women at night

Any organisation that operates at night can sign-up and support the Women’s Night Safety Charter.

To become a signatory, follow the link here: Women’s Night Safety Charter | London City Hall