Recruit London


A free recruitment service for members of Heart of London Business Alliance

Since Heart of London Business Alliance partnered with Cross River Partnership to offer its members a free local recruitment service, we have filled a total of 121 job vacancies have now been filled for 21 of our business members, generating recruitment cost savings of over £340,000.

The Recruit London initiative has been operating in central London since 2009, helping local people find local jobs.

Ilona Wilk is our Workplace coordinator for Recruit London. By working collaboratively with our members, Ilona provides a chance for you to be recognized as a socially responsible business that actively supports and engages with the local community, whilst saving thousands of pounds in recruitment fees. Get in touch with Ilona today on:

We will meet with you to understand your business and recruitment needs. We will then recruit on your behalf from the local community, provide a shortlist of candidates who are a great match for your vacancies and even arrange interviews for you. Once a candidate starts work, they will continue to be offered support for six months to ensure the opportunity translates into success.

Recruit London offers jobseekers a route back into work. They fully prepare candidates for the interview process and the job, and carefully match them to the right employer. Recruit London have built up a strong track record helping over 1,600 central London jobseekers find work since 2009.

Recruit London is managed by Cross River Partnership and delivered in partnership by Heart of London Business Alliance, The Crown Estate, New West End Company, Capco Covent Garden, the Business Disability Forum and Cross River Partnership. It is supported by Westminster City Council, Camden Council and the Department for Work and Pensions.