Environmentally Friendly Personal Deliveries [archive]

No-one likes missing a delivery at home and directing personal parcels to work can seem like a fool-proof solution.

However, 40-75% of deliveries to Jermyn Street workplaces are now personal. This places huge demands on businesses and each delivery adds to the already high levels of congestion, noise and pollution.

Convenient collection from Doddle

Instead of using work as your delivery address for your personal parcels, you can use any Doddle store for free.

As a Jermyn Street employee, you’ve been given a FREE Doddle Unlimited membership (normally costing £60 a year) allowing you to collect an unlimited number of parcels from any Doddle store.

With stores at most mainline stations, and in locations near your home, simply collect your parcels on your commute.

Use Doddle to say goodbye to missed deliveries and long queues to send and return items. Doddle is convenient, environmentally friendly and free. So what are you waiting for?

To find out how to sign up, contact Kate Sanderson at kate.sanderson@arup.com.