Sackville Street Project

Experimental reversal of traffic flow in Sackville Street and closure of Vigo Street (west)

As part of the next phase of Burlington Gardens works in January, Vigo Street between its junctions with Savile Row and Sackville Street will be closed.

To retain access to properties, this closure will also necessitate the reversal of the existing southbound one-way working in Sackville Street so that it operates in a northbound direction, and the introduction of one-way working westbound in Burlington Gardens between its junctions with Savile Row and Cork Street. A contra-flow cycle route will be provided in this length of Burlington Gardens to facilitate east-west cycling movements.

The above changes will be implemented using Experimental Traffic Orders and will come into operation on 8th February 2021 and will be in place for 18 months. Find out more details here.