Homelessness how can business help?

5 things you can do today to help tackle homelessness

On 24 October Heart of London Business members, Westminster City Council, charities including The Connection and St Mungo’s and one of the co-founders of TAP London came together to discuss the meaningful action we can collaboratively take to tackle homelessness in London’s West End.

Chaired by Paul Morrish, Chief Executive, LandAid, The Perspective surfaced a great discussion and important talking points on how homelessness affects our society and by what means we can tackle it in the future.

We were joined by the incredible Kerri Douglas, who once slept on the streets of Piccadilly, just outside the Royal Academy of Arts where the event took place. Kerri shared her inspiring story, stating definitively that homelessness is and could never be a choice.

Although the government’s £100 million pledge to end homelessness by 2027 is a step in the right direction, our panellist unanimously conclude that more needs to be done to truly end homelessness and that business have as big a part as any in tackling this important social issue.

The conclusion was clear there is action we all can take:

  1. Download the StreetLink app for your mobile device now

StreetLink – enables you to send an alert if you are concerned about someone sleeping rough in England and Wales, connecting that person to local accommodation and support services.

  1. Attend our next Lunch and Learn Outreach Workshop to further gain an understanding of the topic. Invitations will be distributed nearer the time, but find out more about our last Lunch and Learn here.


  1. Subscribe to St Mungo’s Homelesswise


  1. Install a TAP unit where you work and donate today. Find out more about TAP London. If you’re a business who is interested in hosting a TAP donation point, please get in touch via email on: operations@heartoflondonbid.co.uk.


  1. Support tackling homelessness by volunteering at St Mungo’s or The Connections