Banksy’s original gallerist Steve Lazarides and his Lazinc co-founder Wissam Al Mana, are showcasing an influential collection of the Bristol-born street artist’s most iconic images.

The exhibition is curated from a number of high-profile private collections to build a ‘Greatest Hits’ body of secondary market works, including stencilled canvases, unique paintings, sculptures and limited-edition prints, a number of which have not been exhibited in public previously.

This unique collection are reaffirming how Banksy’s subversive political and social comments are as powerful and relevant as ever. It will be the only UK site offering the public a chance to view a comprehensive selection of Banksy’s work in one place. Despite the artist’s growing popularity, international acclaim and premise that his work is designed for the people, no major public institutions currently include Banksy’s work within permanent collections.

Notable pieces in the Lazinc show will include: Love Is In The Air (2006), which was the front cover of Banksy’s personal manifesto Wall and Piece which sold 1.5 million copies; Girl and Balloon (2006), voted as the nation’s favourite art work in 2017; and Show Me the Monet (2005), a subversive take on Claude Monet’s Bridge Over a Pond of Water Lilies (1899).

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