The premiere for Kong: Skull Island will take place on Tuesday 28 February, with set up and derig spanning over a three day period.

Click here to see the barrier plan

The schedule will be as follows:

Monday 27 February:

  • 6am Access to North Terrace. Security, barriers, production manager, medic, LEE on site. Local crew on site. Parking available (Oxenden Street) for key suppliers production vehicles only
  • 6.15am 2.3m bike rack barriers in place for build – begin tipping trucks on North Terrace. LEE begin construct of main stage rigging and photoboard rigging
  • 8.00am Sassy cable to cinemas if necessary – no external impact on Square. S2 on site to clad photoboard. Newman’s dress Cineworld Cinema top sign
  • 9.00am Delivery of screen tiles for rigging on main stage platform build. Generator arrives (parking space on north east walkway) for build power
  • 9.30am Countdown Meeting takes place at Cineworld
  • 10.00am Screen tiles begin to be attached to structure
  • 11.00am Wristbands available to early crowd arrivals via Pace. S2 attach 3D KONG logo to central stage structure
  • 2.00pm Newman’s on site to install artwork x 3 pieces to structure. Build power available
  • 6.00pm Screen structure clad
  • 8.00pm Screen tiles test
  • 10.00pm All crew off site. Security and barriers in place around overnight build

Tuesday 28 February:

  • 5.30am Barrier trucks arrive, security, Production Manager, LEE, medic on site
  • 6.00am Barriers on North terrace laid out – backlines first. Capital barrier around DJ stage build area
  • 7.00am Newman’s begin branding crowd control barriers on North Terrace. Sassy continue cabling. Deliver umbrellas (WB)and radios (Prem) to the CLSq. LEE construct DJ stage. Heras printed directional signage in place
  • 8.00am ND on site to dress Cineworld interior
  • 8.30am 2nd generator arrives and parks on NE garden walkway
  • 10.00am Sassy finished rigging Cineworld. Affinity crew on site. S2 install DJ set dressing.
    Dobson sound on site to set up a PA system. A public thoroughfare (1.5metres) and a fire route (4m) must be maintained by the PM and Security. The public thoroughfare will end at 4.00pm on the North Terrace to link carpet to Cineworld doors
  • 10.30am Radios available from this time from Cineworld if needed. Dobson Sound and LEE and Sassy have access to Cineworld Casino Balcony if necessary
  • 11.00am Sassy set up jib. LED screen tiles live with loop
  • 12.00pm Crowd pens filled from this time. Carpet laid on North terrace. IFLY screen arrives. Palmbrokers on site to install trees/planting/woodchip on main stage and in front of DJ stage
  • 2.00pm WCC Surveyor on site for inspection. Images shown on mobile screen from this time without sound S2 install flambeaux torches in front of DJ stage
  • 2.30pm Press team on site (time TBC)
  • 3.00pm Presenter (TBC) arrives for CCTV rehearsals. Sound complete and ready for sound check
  • 3.30pm Final barriers installed on Swiss Court outside M&Ms World
  • 4.00pm Press accreditation open from this time at Hampshire; Security in position at press desk. Press pens open. Stage set complete. Lighting focusing begins. Walkthrough to assess crowd pen fullness and backfilling. Public thoroughfare ends in front of Cineworld doors. Palmbrokers dress final areas with woodchip (in front of photoboard/SAP set and in front of DJ stage now the carpet is laid. S2 install final torches. Music played from this time. Broadcast trucks arrive by via Panton Street and park on West Terrace
  • 4.30pm Cinema locked down. Public access to gardens ceases
  • 4.45pm Photographer’s draw
  • 5.00pm Crowd warm-up begins. Stage, all dressing and lighting complete
  • 5.20pm Press pens close
  • 5.30pm Exterior and Interior screen switch to live CCTV. Access to Casino for reception and ELT if necessary CCTV presenter intro to crowd prior to talent arrivals
  • 5.45pm Talent arrivals from this time. Lives from this time
  • 6.15pm Doors open for guests. Talent to have arrived by this time
  • 7.00pm Seated by time. Clear ICON
  • 7.10pm Cast shot in Cineworld foyer. Cars reversed up carpet for departures
  • 7.15pm On stage intro in IMPACT
  • 7.20pm On screen in IMPACT. On stage intro in IMAX
  • 7.25pm On screen in IMAX. Talent to cars. Cars depart via Swiss Court. Suppliers on site to begin de-rig
  • 8.00pm Cinema re-opens – access for public
  • 9.00pm Affinity crew x 2 finish
  • 9.15pm Area outside Cineworld clear and barriers reconfigured for exit. Cars brought in for anyone sitting through
  • 9.18pm Film finishes in IMPACT
  • 9.23pm Film finishes in IMAX. Cast depart. Cars exit via Swiss Court
  • 10.23pm Logan Screening in IMAX
  • 12.00midnight De-rig stops. All off site. Security remain.

Wednesday 1 March:

  • 6am Start collections from North Terrace. Prod manager and medic on site. LEE on site
  • 1.00pm De rig ends. All off site