To celebrate the release of 20th Century Fox’s new movie: Love, Simon, a fully branded Ferris wheel will be sited on the North Terrace of Leicester Square.

This is a Medium Impact event.

The activity will take place in conjunction with the premiere screenings of the film at the Vue cinema. This will be a red carpet entertainment activation which will be in use for press, media, influencers and talent as well as the general public.

The wheel will be in use between 11:00am and 8:00pm. The media will be carrying out activity on the wheel between the hours of 3:30pm – 7:30pm outside of these times the wheel will be open to the public free of charge.

The wheel will be instantly recognisable with film branding and complete with a red carpet moment for attendees to take premiere photos before boarding the wheel. A rope and post Disney-style queuing system will be in place prior to the red carpet entry to reduce and manage crowds.

Key timings include:
4:45am – Arrival on site for barriers / wheel (quiet)
10:00am – Build complete – testing to start
11:00am – Wheel open to the public
3:30pm – Wheel available for guests only
8:00pm – Wheel closed – De-rig starts
10:30pm – De-rig complete

Futher opertaional updates include:

  • Searchlights will be contained within the Ferris wheel’s footprint area. These will be supplied by EMF Live who will submit a notification to the CAA for use of the searchlights prior to the event.
  • A business and resident letter has been distributed.